The stalactite cave, Cueva de sa Gleda, has its name from the white clay (gleda) that is special for this cave, and found at the entrance of it, in a big hall-like thing, called Dolina Hundimiento.

Cueva de sa Gleda, can only be accessed by diving here. The cave is located at the east coast, between the resorts of Calas de Majorca and Porto Cristo, 25 meters below the groundwater. Inside the cave, you will find more than 6,5 miles of tunnels

The first speleological work done in the caves, was in 1974, by Speleo-Club Mallorca (SCM). In 1989, all speleological work was done, and the entire cave system, with all rooms was mapped out. Several of the rooms have names after the leading speleologist from SCM, Francesc Ripoll.

The latest examination of the caves, was in 2006-07, where 3 new species of the springtail family.

Most diving centers, arranges trips to the Cueva de sa Gleda, but notice, this kind of diving requires special PADI certificate. Please contact the diving center prior to your trip!

diving mallorca underground caves

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