The parish church of Santa Margalida, known as “the objective”

The first documentation of a church in Santa Margalida, was in 1248, just after the Catalan conquest of Majorca (1229-1231). 

Remains and artifact tells, that at on this exact place, there had been a holy sanctuary way before a church was built. 

This place, which is on a hill, is known as “the objective”, as you can see all over the countryside of Santa Margalida from up here. Back in early medieval times, it was common to build religious constructions on hills, as people believed this would bring them closer to god. 

Up through the 16th century, a growing congregation meant, that the old church no longer had the capacity to house the many churchgoers, which was why a city council wasn’t late to agree that a new temple had to be built. 

The construction of this new church temple, which is the one you see today, was finished in 1679. The church has a basilica ground floor, with a large ship and lateral side chapels. One of these side chapels, contains the lateral old entrance of the church, which has the inscription, “entrance of the gents”.

Above the classic baroque main entrance of the church, notice the very detailed motif of Santa Margalida, the patron saint of the village. 

The bell tower was built in the years 1853-55, and with a needle spire as crown. 

Inside the church, at the altar, you’ll see the altarpiece, probably dating back from the 14th century, and displaying Santa Margalida. This altarpiece is quite special, and if religion and/or history has your interest, make sure to get a picture of this. On the altarpiece is some inscription, from “the Majorcan school”, which refers to the architecture and lifestyles of the Majorcan people. 

One more thing to notice inside the church of Santa Margalida, is the liturgical monstrance from 1564, made in pure silver, decorated with angels playing music instruments. 

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