religious museum in Palma majorca Museu Diocesa de Mallorca


Museu Diocesà, is a museum dedicated to art related to Christianity. Museu Diosecà was opened back in 2007, after a group of investors made the project real. 

Museu Diosecà exhibits artists such as: Antoni Gaudí, Francesc Comes and Pere Niçard. Besides of art pieces, you will notice the amazing alter, displaying the last days of Chist, recovered from The Santa Clara convent in Palma. 

On the first floor of Museu Diosecà, there’s a small collection of baroque art, as well as some ceramics. 

If you normally enjoy churches, chapels and convents, you’ll be interested in visiting Museu Diosecà!


Museu Diocesà
Carrer del Mirador, 5
Palma de Mallorca
Tlf: +34 971 72 38 60

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