The talayotic site of Talaiot de s’Heretat, is among the best preserved prehistoric sites on the east coast of Majorca. 

The site is located somewhere on the fields, behind the golf courses of Canyamel. I have put in the coordinates in the map here, just hit the marker!

Talaiot de s’Heretat was recently cleansed for weed, making it far more easy to explore what was once an entire village. It is an interesting archaeological site to explore for numerous reasons …

Firstly, this site is some 4800 square metres, which makes it extra real to understand how village was built. Secondly, the rare mix of talayotic constructions with their cylinder like forms, and square blocks seen from other periods. This tells us of a site that has been inhabited by humans for more than 3.000 years back. 

The Talaiot de s’Heretat is located on public ground, therefore you need no permissions prior to visiting it.


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